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Craig “Bubba” Norton is a nationally certified interventionist, sober
companion, and sober coach. He has also been trained and certified as a sober transport. Bubba has been an active member of the recovery community since 1987. For the past twelve years, Bubba has spent his free time relentlessly sharing his experience, strength, and hope with addicts and alcoholics who found themselves in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system. For his volunteer work, in 2021, Bubba was awarded The Judge Carroll Wilborn Jr. Award by Governor Greg Abbott and The Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Prior to forming A Better Boat Recovery Services, Bubba was in the
martial art industry for over twenty years. Having grown tired of being cracked in the mouth, these days Bubba enjoys flyfishing and spending time with his best friend and wife, Wendi. He has two daughters from his previous marriage and a stepson and stepdaughter in his current marriage.

“I receive the blessing, everyday on earth is another chance to get it
right.” ~ Steve Earle

A Better Boat

What Sets Us Apart? Our Personalized Approach To Post-Rehab Support Journey.

A Better Boat is the ultimate post-rehab companion offering help to individuals maintain their recovery and avoid relapse. And all of this is made incredibly simple, meaning patients can easily find an appropriate rehab center and case manager, create their own personalized schedule, and begin their treatment journey.

Our goal at A Better Boat is to provide professional support in all aspects of life, whether education, employment, living arrangements, or community inclusion. A Better Boat is dedicated to helping patients avoid relapse and resume living a normal life as quickly as possible.

Let A Better Boat be your guide to a smoother post-rehab journey!

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