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The journey of recovery from the drug and alcohol addiction can and should continue in the post-rehabilitation period. However, the transition back to the rhythms of daily life can be difficult and filled with a unique set of challenges. Therefore, patients need professional support during this critical post-rehab period.
A Better Boat is a revolutionary mobile application that connects users with their assigned case managers, who help them reignite their lives. Case managers provide professional guidance and support in areas such as education, employment, and living arrangements to assist patients in returning to their community, enabling them to participate in every way possible. In addition, the app helps users avoid relapse by providing access to resources and information on every aspect of life that ensures their recovery and prevents them from returning to old habits.
Once you find a case manager, you’ll be able to schedule your appointment and start a smooth post-rehab period to ensure an addiction-free, healthy life. The app covers Texas to help you find the nearest rehab centers, and see the list of professional case managers and the treatments they provide.
Both patients and doctors can use A Better Boat for a life-saving cause, allowing them to upload prescriptions, medical reports, and recommendations. This way, patients can ensure that all relevant information is readily available to their case managers, enabling them to receive the best possible treatment.

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Our Personalized Approach To Post-Rehab Support Journey.

A Better Boat is the ultimate post-rehab companion, offering help to individuals maintain their recovery and avoid relapse. And all of this is made incredibly simple, meaning patients can easily find a suitable rehab center and case manager, create their own personalized schedule, and begin their treatment journey.
Our goal at A Better Boat is to provide professional support in all aspects of life, whether education, employment, living arrangements, or community inclusion. A Better Boat is dedicated to helping patients avoid relapse and resume living a normal life as quickly as possible.
Let A Better Boat be your guide to a smoother post-rehab journey!

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